Parallelsessie – Olav Lijnbach (Facebook)

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Connecting the dots between marketing and business value

For companies to be successful in the 21st century they need to be consumers centric which requires a different organisational set-up and an open culture in combination with near- or real-time data-driven business decision to serve consumers to their best ability. When it comes to collecting data and making business decisions we are relying on legacy knowledge and infrastructures, as a result our business decisions are suboptimal. Three crucial focus areas to do good people based measurement:

– Focus on People
– Measure Real Outcomes
– Compare across Channels

Olav Lijnbach | Marketing Science Lead Benelux – Facebook

My mission is to Help Every Company Understand True Business Value in this mobile, data-driven and fast pacing world. We do so by offering technical solutions, sharing experiences and challenging our partners. In line with this, is to help companies put consumers at the hearts of their marketing in the mobile era. We are at the edge of another transformation, where creating a seamless personal consumer experience including rich service and integrated communication, including 1 on 1, is key.

My whole life has evolved around using and utilizing technologies and data; growing up in an IT entrepreneurial family where I learned to program at the age of 6, after studying psychology and economy my love for Marketing grew when I started working at a small start-up. Here I spend 50% of my time consulting large advertisers in Brand & Communication domain, the other 50% working with engineers automating the measurement process. After the start-up was acquired by GfK I started a new department where I worked closely with Google on new kinds of data collection and integration. Now continuing my mission to help companies at Facebook.