Parallelsessie – Gert Franke (CLEVER°FRANKE)

Studio 14:15 – 14:45 / 15:00 – 15:30


The art of turning data into experiences

Data visualization has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Many tools & services nowadays include some kind of data visualization which gives you insight in usage, the best possible way to travel, the best product offering, etc. Data visualization seems to be a powerful solution for summarizing information in a world where the amount of information targeted towards us is increasing every day. But is this the holy grail for processing information? What new possibilities does visualizing data provide us? What is the best possible way to present and interact with these data visualizations.

Gert Franke | Director / Co-founder @ CLEVER°FRANKE     

Gert Franke is Co-Founder of CLEVER°FRANKE, which he founded together with Thomas Clever in 2008. Gert and Thomas met each other at Utrecht School of the Arts and started the studio after their graduation.

CLEVER°FRANKE combines strategy, design and technology to create data driven tools and experiences that enable change. They collaborate with forward thinking clients, such as Google, Philips, Here and Wired magazine. Exploring the wealth of data at hand and designing cutting edge ways to bring value to the surface. This results in helping their clients inform and inspire minds, tell new stories, enrich experiences and measure impact. Along the way, they discover untapped value and hidden business opportunities that help their clients innovate and grow.