Nadieh Bremer – Visual Cinnamon (ENG) – Thema: Decisions

Zaal 4: 14:00 – 14:30 uur

Hacking the Visual Norm

There are many visualization tools out there, most with a pre-made set of charts. But trying to wrangle your data to fit (uncomfortably) into the default charts is not the right mindset. Adjust the visual to your data, not the other way around. Nadieh will take you through several of her data visualization projects, both from the business & fun, to show you how to create more effective visualization by taking that step beyond the default.

Nadieh Bremer – Data Visualization Designer | Visual Cinnamon

Nadieh BremerNadieh Bremer is a graduated Astronomer, turned Data Scientist, turned Data Visualization Designer. While working for a consultancy & fintech company she discovered her passion for the visualization of data and is now working as a freelancing data visualization designer. As 2017’s “Best Individual” in the Information is Beautiful Awards, she focuses on uniquely crafted (interactive) data visualizations that both engage and enlighten its audience.


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