Keynote – Sagar Savla (Google)

Grote Zaal 13:30 – 14:15


The wonder of machines that learn

When was the last time you heard about AI? Probably within the last week. This talk will help break down what AI and Machine Learning (ML) mean. Punch through the black box and make your first ML model! Understand how to think about business problems with ML. Approach the topic with your teams and organizations with salient case studies.

There will be Q&A in the end to help answer your specific comments.

Sagar Savla | Product Manager – Google

Sagar is a product manager in Google’s Research group, building cutting edge ML tech into products like Pixel phone’s camera, Google Home, and Google Photos.

Prior to this, he worked at Facebook on data science and virtual reality, the best dispatch system at unicorn startup Lyft and fraud detection at PayPal. Sagar did his graduate school research at Georgia Institute of Technology in Machine Learning and Human Computer Interaction. He has won multiple awards for his work in tech competitions and hackathons.