Keynote – Kuldip Singh (Innogy Retail International)

Grote zaal 16:15 – 16:45


Shifting from electrons to data driven business models

Exponential changes are happening in the world around us driven by technology. The energy sector is being disrupted and undergoing a digital transformation. Key themes for innogy in this scene are decarbonisation, decentralisation and as overall enabler: digitisation. Today we make money with transporting electrons. How will this be in the future with the data abundance which is coming through digitisation in the energy sector? Find out how we think our future business models look like and how are preparing for this.

Kuldip SinghDigital Director – Innogy Retail International

Kuldip is a digital executive with a strong grounding in the big data, online, e-commerce and mobile space. He has been a media executive in CXO roles in reputed global media companies and is now leading the digital transformation at innogy in the international Retail business and coordinating this innogy wide. Innogy is the best valued energy company in Europe active in 14 countries with its retail activities. In the Netherlands Essent, and Powerhouse are part of innogy.